LCG Ordinance proposes the transfer of $750K to help city-wide street repair project

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) -The Lafayette City-Parish Council considers financial options to help smooth out some Hubcity streets. On Tuesday’s council agenda there’s an ordinance requesting to transfer $750,000 of funds from the Ambassador Caffery Rehabilitation Project to the Concrete Street Repair Project.

According to the ordinance, the Ambassador project no longer needs the money – due to completion of all work on Ambassador Caffery Parkway in the previous work phase with the exception of minor patching.

LCG Public Works Engineer III, Jared Veazey explains the Concrete Street Repair Project (CSRP).  Veazey says the project has 19 street locations that make-up the entire project.  Currently, the CSRP has only three to four locations out of 19 that still need completed.

Veazey says one of the project locations is along Congress near Lafayette High School. Veazey says that portion of Congress is showing signs of buckling.  “They’re going to saw out the concrete and pull it out to throw away the bad concrete; and replace it with new concrete.  That’s after replacing any steel or reinforcement that’s needed,” adds Veazey.   Veazey says a work crew will be out there tomorrow — weather permitting.

Another location that remains on the CSRP list is Delta Road (located off Eraste Landry Road).  Veazey says it’s a small road with work that needs to be done. “Concrete panels are busted up so bad that it’s bad to drive on.  So, we’ll take out those bad pieces and pour new fresh concrete to extend the life of the road and improving the ride quality.”

Veazey says the goal is to deliver quality work that will last.  “Started on Congress Street during the spring break and did what they could in that week that school was out.  They wanted to come back and finish-up after school was closed to help with the traffic,” explains Veazey.

The ordinance requires the council’s vote of approval.


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