St. Landry Fire District 3 residents could see higher insurance rates


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – St. Landry Parish Fire District 3 covers almost half of the parish. Strapped for cash, the district is looking for ways to increase revenue. If they don’t find one, the fire rating could fall which means insurance premiums would rise.


District 3 currently operates on two separate mills, one for 10.36 and the other for 6.43. St. Landry Parish President Bill Fontenot says the department does a tremendous job in providing services; but if the people want those services to continue, the district needs an increase of 10 mills.


“The ten mill increase that they are asking for Fire District 3 will support a need to be able to provide continued resources for fire protection in fire District 3,” Fontenot said.



Fontenot says the parish council has been hesitant to pass the millage.


“This is a need for at least the people to decide if they want to pay this extra 10 mills. That’s all our parish council needs to do is put it on the ballot.”



According to Fontenot, if the millage is not passed, the district will be forced to cut back on resources, and that could lower the fire district’s rating at least two levels.



“That will cost more to a landowner or homeowner, the rate of insurance for that will increase as a result of that, more than the property tax of 10 mills,” said Fontenot.



As of now, the only fire-related item scheduled to be discussed at Wednesday night’s council meeting is the chairman position of Fire District 3.


Sources tell us, several St. Landry residents are planning to speak about the future of the millage at the meeting.



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