Urban foxes in Lafayette; LDWF holds informational meeting

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – When living in the city limits you may not expect to see foxes in your backyard. When living in the city limits you may not expect to see foxes in your backyard.


Charmaine Mosing says about a year ago she noticed two adult foxes digging under her 3350-year-oldoak tree.


Mosing says after a couple weeks, the foxes left…only to return this year with a larger family.


“They suddenly showed up with three adults and four babies.”


Not long after the foxes arrived, Charmaine began to find bones of smaller rodents around the backyard.


“Now, at that point I really started to get scared because I have a Labrador retriever and I also have a little Chihuahua.”


Filling the holes with dirt and bricks, even setting traps only kept the foxes away temporarily.


“Foxes are pretty smart and they weren’t going to let that go anymore so they started digging up other little spots for them to get into the tree”, Mosing said.


Charmaine says the foxes were beautiful to watch but having to keep her grandkids and pets inside was an inconvenience. Now that they’re gone, here’s her advice to anyone else with the same problem:


“They really are beautiful. Don’t you shoot at them, don’t hurt them, try and find someone who can help you to get rid of them.”


For more information on nuisance and wildlife control visit http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/news/41192

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