Special state session begins as lawmakers could not agree on budget

BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – Lawmakers are reluctantly heading into a special session after the House failed to come to an agreement on the state budget

The final minutes of the regular legislative session were intense as House committee members argued over the budget.

“We had the majority voted. And to bring it up for the vote of the people and it was still shot down. He said the motion was improper and then we ran out of time. And we had 53 votes which is the majority that wanted to take up the Senate portion of HB one,” said House Representative Dustin Miller. Miller said he was disappointed in his colleagues.

“Very stunning, very shocked, very sad. I think we definitely let the people of Louisiana down,” Miller added.

And Governor John Bel Edwards agreed.

“We just witnessed an epic failure and leadership,” Edwards stated.

The proposed budget, House Bill 1, was a $29 billion dollar budget.

Now lawmakers will head into a 12-day special session to renegotiate the budget.

“We have to start all over and go through the process. This is a whole new session now it has to start appropriations come to the house, go back to the Senate,” Miller said

Governor Edwards said the special session is unnecessary and costly.

The special session will resume on Monday.

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