Vermilion Parish Animal Aid “I saved the #Vermilion 10”

Photo Credit: Animal Aid For Vermilion area


 KAPLAN, LA (KLFY) – The Vermilion Parish Police Jury Liaison for the Vermilion Parish Rabies Control Center says thanks Acadiana.  The center was scheduled to put-down ten dogs on Friday. In a matter of two days, the community responded by adopting or providing foster care for the dogs.  “It’s a perfect example of when we all come together what can happen and the positive end result in such a short time,” says Garrot.

For shelters, the decision to euthanize usually is the result of limited space and resources. VPPJ Liaison Debbie Garrot says each dog has been saved. Garrot explains 8 out of 10 of the dogs were diagnosed with heart-worms.

Garrot says the challenge is the cost for caring for such an animal and then finding an owner who is able to do the same. “The parish pays for all of the food, employees, all of the kennels and making sure the kennels and cat cages are clean,” adds Garrot.

Rescue groups such as Animal Aid Vermilion Area helps to find homes for rescued animals and reimburses the parish for the money it has spent.  Garrot says owner surrenders are on the rise and the same goes for animals left abandoned. “Really think about getting a dog and what that entails.

“That’s anywhere from a 15 to almost 20 year commitment.  It’s not a 20 week commitment. You have to train these animals and take care of them,” adds Garrot.

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