Aetna reverses course, files to offer Obamacare policies in Nevada

Welcome back, Aetna.

The insurance titan has filed to offer Obamacare policies in Nevada in 2018. The move comes a month after it announced it was pulling out of all the states where it offers Obamacare coverage this year.

Aetna agreed to participate on the Nevada exchange to help it win a contract to offer Medicaid policies in the state. Nevada gives insurers extra points in the Medicaid bidding process if they also agree to participate on its exchange. Nevada is one of 11 states that runs its own exchange, rather than using the federal marketplace,

The carrier, however, still won’t fully commit to Obamacare. Insurers have until mid-September to sign their contracts, locking in their participation for 2018.

“We’ve filed rates based on a contractual obligation with the state, but no final decision on our participation has been made,” an Aetna spokesman said, declining further comment.

The Nevada Division of Insurance will release insurers’ 2018 rate requests on June 20. The agency expects carriers who won Medicaid contacts to make a good faith effort to participate in the exchange, said Commissioner Barbara Richardson. But she noted that much is in flux in Washington, D.C., which may prompt insurers to change their applications.

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