Today on your lawn and garden we’re still talking about the spring garden its blooming pretty well I see John,

Yes everything is doing well, we’ve had adequate rain and everything looking good expect insects are pretty bad we have a tomato right here I can show you this is some corn worms trying to get in. Couldn’t make it yet. But we have some smaller tomatoes that have made it. Doing well, maturing early, but I’ll take whatever the plant gives me. But the Cyonara does the trick to get rid of that, I had to spray it one time, putting holes in all those tomatoes I had to throw so many it was ridiculous also people are having trouble with blossom end rot. That’s where the bottom of the tomato starts getting soft, rotting from the bottom from a calcium deficiency also by splashing water underneath promotes it. This product right here it’s just a calcium spray it’s not a poison, so you can spray your tomatoes, peppers, everything with it once a week. It also helps your blooms stay on longer and set so the bee will be able to get there and pollenate also you want to take care of your garden with all the rains we had it leashed off a lot of fertilizer so you can side dress with nitrogen or your 5-2020 just a little tablespoon around each plant and water it in well

How many times do you fertilize during the course of the season?

You want to do it every three weeks if you really want to. Producing plants and that fertilizer is finished with really. You nitrogen is finished in three or four weeks.

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