Business growth in the city of Scott

SCOTT, La. (KLFY)- Several businesses are opening in Scott and they’re located right off of an I-10 exit in Lafayette parish.

Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison hopes the development of Destination Pointe, the new shopping center where Super One is located, will bring even more new business into the area.

Morrison said, “I think it’s going to make us a hub. That is our destination, is hopefully to become the hub as you come into Lafayette Parish from the west. We want to be that community that you want to stop at. .””

150 new jobs will be available in Scott with the opening of Super One Foods.

“We love to be able to have the opportunity to grow the corridor along I-10, I mean that is great. then to keep the downtown growing, and keeping that downtown to where we have all our roots and heritage down there, to keep it moving forward is a plus in itself,” said Morrison.

Owners of Uncle T’s Oyster Bar renovated a downtown building that was built in the 50s. They have been busy since opening their doors two weeks ago.

Anthony Hebert, owners of Uncle T’s, said, “The community around Acadia, everybody is just very supportive. To see everyone come in and just the look on their face of what we did with the building is very rewarding.”

Scott is continuing to grow. Next door to super one a tractor supply company hopes to start construction soon.

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