KLFY gives backs to the community by volunteering at Faith House

The KLFY team volunteered at Faith House in Lafayette today for Nexstar's Day of Service.

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Today, the KLFY team joined with 171 other Nexstar television stations across the country to take part in a “Day of Service.”

Fran McRae KLFY General Manager says, “Everyone within the Nexstar Nation including all of our team members here at KLFY is excited to be able to give back to our select a charity which is the Faith House.”

Faith House is a domestic violence crisis center and shelter. It provides emergency shelter for victims and their children needing a safe temporary place to live.

Executive Director of Faith House, Billi Lacombe explains, “We offer counseling, we offer legal assistance, advocacy, legal assistance, support groups and other types of needs that survivors have whatever they escaping from domestic violence.”

KLFY team members helped organize clothing, clean the pet kennels, and plant new flowers around the facility.

Tamara Sheesley, KLFY Local Sales Manager, said “It feels really good to take a half a day and just come here and you know put everything aside and give back to the community. I can completely relate to women and children in the situation. I’ve been there myself so you know I luckily had a place to go and family to go to but not everybody does. I think it’s great to help out.”

Click here to find out how you can donate make a donation or volunteer your time at Faith House.

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