Lafayette area Salvation Army Majors bid farewell

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) After two and a half years of serving as Majors of the Lafayette Parish Salvation Army, Majors Esther and Mel James will bid farewell this week to their positions, but they vow to remain active in the organization.

On Sunday, the community had the opportunity to greet the Majors during a farewell service and reception held at the Salvation Army Fellowship Hall.

The couple has served with the Salvation Army for a total of 50 years and in many different locations.

At 80 years old, Major Mel James says they are now moving back to Florida where he anticipates spending alot of time on the beach.

“I have learned that my plan may be to go back and sit on a beach, but God may have a different plan and Im sure he will let us know if he does. But for a period of time, yes we need to relax, rest and recuperate and then if God has something else, then yes we are ready to do it.”

Today, we are sadly but farewelling the officers that have been here for 2 and a half years. Major and Mrs. James,  they have been absolutely wonderful servants of God to this community and the congregation just loved on them alot today.

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