Lafayette Consolidated Government prepares for severe weather

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As a disturbance brews in The Gulf of Mexico, efficient drainage can be the difference between being flooded, and staying dry.

Lafayette Consolidated Government is out digging ditches and clearing culverts as the possibility of severe weather looms.

Cydra Wingerter with LCG says the drainage department works year round to make sure all channels are flowing as they should.

“Constantly checking for blockages and making sure we protect ourselves, our citizens, property as best as possible in the event of flash flooding situations and or an extended rain period that could cause flooding as well,” Wingerter said.

Monday afternoon, city workers were out digging and widening ditches in south Lafayette Parish, hoping to improve water flow after several homes in the neighborhood off Verot School Road took on water during the historic August flood.

“It’s obviously going to hold more water but it’s not going to move more water until the culvert issue is corrected,” said Chad Vidrine, who lives in the neighborhood.

Vidrine snapped took photos during heavy rain in May. The flooding he captured took place before any ditch maintenance was completed.
But, he says it’s the culvert causing the problem, not the ditch.

“The back half of the street floods even during a regular summer shower because of a culvert that’s downstream from us that’s not flowing properly”, said Vidrine.

Vidrine says LCG employees flushed out the culvert last week, but it has not been tested because it hasn’t rained much since then.

With storms projected in the forecast, Wingerter encourages Acadiana residents to make sure the water flow is not obstructed.

“Make sure that you’re doing what you can to make sure your drains are not blocked as LCG and the drainage crews are doing the same.”

Wingerter says to make sure your ditches are clear of debris like tree limbs and leaves.

Also, children’s toys like basketballs and even trash cans cause blockage, which can lead to flooding

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