Scott Pharmacy is the oldest pharmacy in Lafayette Parish

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – Scott Pharmacy, a local business, has been serving its community for nearly 100 years.

Established in 1919 by Vianney Mouton, Scott pharmacy was one of the first Rexall drug stores in the state. It’s now the oldest continually operating pharmacy in Lafayette parish.

Forrest Fontenot, the current owner of the store says, “We bought this place in December of 2016, we are the third owners of Scott pharmacy. I worked in the big box store, the chain, for close to 10 years here in Scott and I’ve always wanted to own my own pharmacy. So when this came about it was the perfect opportunity.”

The pharmacy is stocked with everything you’d find in a chain drugstore, but Scott pharmacy has an added dose of history

“We have a lot of history here. All the old medications that were used back in those days are all up here on display for our customers to check out,” says Fontenot.

Some of the bottles date back to the 1900s and range from topical ointments to pet vaccinations.

“History wise I had no idea what kind of history was here. I passed by this place for going on 10 years, never knew it was the oldest drugstore in Lafayette parish. Those were all things that were just made aware to me when I purchased it. It was definitely a bonus to have so much history here. It’s very enjoyable, very interesting,” says Fontenot.

Scott pharmacy is part of the cultural certified district here in Scott, which aims to preserve the city’s history.To learn more about the cultural district in Scott visit, Scott Historical and Genealogical Society.

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