Cattle farmers taking precaution for Tropical Storm Cindy


Cattle farmers are getting their livestock ready for the possible effects of the tropical storm.

Some farmers say the biggest threat for the cattle would be trees falling on them or fences breaking.
Because this is only a tropical storm warning and not a hurricane warning, some farmers say they will not transport their cattle because the cattle know to head towards higher grounds and out of potential flooding waters.
Andrew Granger with the LSUag center says when Hurricane Rita hit in 2005, they were “ill prepared and they paid the consequences in the cattle industry.”
Granger says a lot of the cattle were lost because they drowned. Since then, cattle farmers are better prepared.


Kirk Broussard a cattle farmer says “a lot of our pastures do have containment levees and when the water goes over a lot of our cattle go to higher ground and they look for the highest part on the levee, they’ll stand around until we bring them some hay and get them out .”

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