Tidal flood waters could linger for up to 3 days at Cypremort Point

Tropical Storm Cindy had a direct impact on Cypremort Point. The water covering the roads is from Vermilion Bay and from the marshes.

“Most of the water we have now is coming from the tidal surge from the storm and it just pushed the water from the Vermilion Bay and from the marshes and flooded us out, it’s like a basin over here once the water gets so high out here it back floods this way,” says Ellis ‘Butch’ Schoust. “Sometimes it takes a while to drain.”

Schoust says his family has been on this property since the 1940s.

The last time they saw water over 12 feet was back when Hurricane Rita hit in 2005.

He says in the case of a hurricane, they’ll evacuate and use boats to check on their homes after the storm.

“But for this one we didn’t figure it was going to be this bad, which it was not a real bad storm it was just a lot of water,” says Schoust.

Schoust says when the water recedes back into marshes he’ll be able to fix up the first floor of his home that was damaged by the storm.

Residents in the area say it could take up to three days for all the water to go down.

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