Mail delivery suspended in one New Iberia neighborhood

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – Mail carriers have been known to get the job done; sunshine, rain, sleet or snow. But in New Iberia, the line was drawn after a mail carrier found herself in the middle of a gun battle.

On June 5th, a mail delivery woman was wrapping up her shift when gunfire rang out between two groups on Johnston Street in New Iberia, putting innocent bystanders, including the postal worker in harm’s way.

New Iberia Resident Bryce Simon says, “It could happen to anyone at any time. A bullet don’t have no name.”

Paige Darby says violence could hit anywhere so mail service should continue, but carriers have to be vigilant.

“They should definitely deliver to those people on that street and just be aware of their surroundings.”

Some say an increased police presence would lower the crime rate, but to stop mail service creates an inconvenience to residents.

“People have bills that are due. Some people in that area does not have a vehicle, cannot afford to call a taxi. You know we don’t have buses that run in the New Iberia area so, it’s definitely an inconvenience”, said New Iberia Resident
Beverly Johnny.

Residents say their mail was delivered Friday, but early morning instead of the normal late afternoon schedule.

New Iberia Postmaster Linda Leblanc says mail services have resumed on Johnson Street.

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