Caleb Castro: A North Vermilion High School football player turned Marine

Caleb Castro began his love for football at the young age of 6-years-old.

From playing Friday Night Lights in High School at North Vermilion to training with the Cajuns, he had high hopes for his football career.

“There’s just something about it.” said Caleb, “The team, the atmosphere, just everything about it made me fall in love with the game.”

Until one day, Caleb had to make a difficult decision.

“[I] had some family issues, some family circumstances and [football] also interfered with school so I made the command decision to pursue my education.”

One Monday evening, Caleb sat his father, Troy, down and told him that he was joining the Marines.

“He was a young man that always gave 100% left it all on the field and cared for his teammates,” said Troy, “He was a leader on the field and off the field as well. When he sat me down one Monday night to tell me about his decision, as a Marine, I was very proud.”

As Caleb completed his training, he graduated as Company Honor Man.

“In each platoon you have a guide or a head recruit,” explained Caleb, “So, I was head recruit in the platoon and graduated as the head recruit in the company.”

Caleb describes his time with the Marines as similar to being on the football field with his teammates.

“You show up as a Freshman in High School and really nobody knows each other.,” he said, “You may know the guys a little bit but nobody really knows each other. And you form that bond over those next 4 years and they become your family and your brothers. When you show up to recruit training, you don’t know anyone. You’re all from different parts of the world, different walks of life. But as those 13 weeks pas you become a family and you have to rely on those other guys and you did in 3 months what you did in 4 years, you know, forming that bond with those guys.”


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