Firework safety tips before the Fourth of July

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – It’s one of the busiest weekends for fireworks stores all across the country including right here in Acadiana, but there are some tips to make sure that you’re safe during this Independence Day Weekend.

Artillery Shells, Roman Candles, and even sparklers are a staple of Independence Day celebrations.

Colt James and his family own Louisiana Fireworks in Scott, Louisiana. They’ve been stocking the shelves for weeks to get ready for this coming weekend. With the influx of people of all ages expected to visit their store, safety is always a concern when dealing with fireworks.

“You definitely want to make sure if anything is going in the air, you don’t want to be under trees or power lines or anything like that. And if at all possible, be away from residences, be in an open space,” said James.

In 2013, fireworks caused an estimated 15,600 reported fires in the country. Almost half of those fires were reported during the Fourth of July holiday.

Scott Volunteer Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says the department is prepared for the holiday weekend and wants the community to stay safe to eliminate injuries.

“We’ve seen minor injuries just like burns as a result of alcohol, maybe people mixing alcohol and fireworks. We have seen some structure fires as a result of fireworks,” he said.

Some of the safety tips they recommend include, not mixing alcohol and fireworks, don’t allow young children to handle fireworks, obey local laws and only use fireworks outdoors.

“We hope we have a lot of people having fun. Have a good time for the holiday weekend, but we want people to be safe,” said Sonnier.

As for Colt James and Louisiana Fireworks, he says they’re ready.

“We have plenty of good fireworks, our store is well-stocked. Just be very careful with fireworks because it still involves fire,” he said.


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