LPD investigating Moss Street shooting

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Saturday night dozens of people were at the Moss Street Plaza celebrating a graduation when the sound of gunfire sent people ducking for cover.

“People were hiding in the bathroom stalls, hiding everywhere,” Constance Carrier said, she’s the mother of 20-year-old Maranda Carrier, one of two victims in the shooting.

Constance Carrier’s daughter, Miranda, was picking up her older sister from a party Saturday night; she soon found herself in a dangerous situation, and the mother heard everything while on the phone with Maranda’s sister.

“I’m hearing the gunshots and she’s screaming on the phone saying she got shot in the face,” Carrier said.

Shot twice, according to Carrier; one bullet hit her cell phone. 

“Her cell phone was shot because she was on her phone and then the second bullet hit her face.”

With a series of reconstructive surgeries in Maranda’s future, her mother hopes someone will come forward with information.

Carrier says, “They know who did it, they know who it is. They (the shooter(s) didn’t have on any mask, their face was showing. We just don’t know.”

Police hope to learn what caused the shooting once a suspect is in custody. 

Lafayette Police Department, Corporal Karl Ratcliff says, “Once we are able to identify the suspect and hopefully get that person in, we will be able to put a little bit more together as far as to why it actually occurred and what the motive was.”

This investigation is ongoing. Cpl. Ratcliff says people are coming forward and detectives are working a few credible leads. 

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