Iberia Parish officials reviewing Home Rule Charter


NEW IBERIA, La (KLFY) – The Iberia Parish Home Rule Charter was adopted by voters in the early 1980’s and hasn’t needed much amending, until now; which is why a special committee was formed this year to review the charter.

Going into the ad hoc committee’s third meeting, Parish President Larry Richard says there are a few changes that need to be made.

Richard says, “A parish councilman or a Parish President leaving the office and how long it takes to replace them, who is going to replace them in that timeframe.”

Committee Chairperson, Natalie Broussard agrees. “State law says you have to call an election within 20 days, the charter says 30 days. So, things like that need to be brought into compliance with state law”, Broussard says.

Another item the board is looking at changing is reducing the number of council members in the parish.

Richard says, “I can tell you right now, the discussions we’ve had so far, deduction of council members has been a big discussion.”

Rearing its head again, the deduction has been the topic of conversation for several years.

“We need to figure out, once and for all, how the voters feel about the size of the council. If the voters want a 14 member council, then fine. If the voters want something or less, fine. But it’s time that we figure out from the voters exactly what it is that they want”, said Chairperson Broussard.

As the idea of a smaller council circulates, there are also questions about council member salaries.

“I don’t see it actually affecting the pay, to be frank with you, but it may, those types of discussions have been made”, Parish President Richard said.

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