Lafayette Police bike patrol to be implemented Downtown

LAFAYETTE, LA. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Police Department is bringing a new crew to Downtown Lafayette.

In light of the second homicide this year, police will be implementing a bike patrol to serve in the downtown area.

As for the presence of the patrol, Corporal Karl Ratcliff says that is waiting to be seen.

“It’s going to be dictated by the success and results and what numbers show us. As always we’re going to keep it fluid and respond to what’s going on. We can’t be rigid we need to be able to respond and have different tactics and ideas based on what we’re seeing so we’re going to be very open to that and flexible,” Ratcliffe explained.

The impact does not just stem with the community and policemen, but with business owners as well.

“Just like any other urban setting, we have unfortunately had some incidents regarding managing our nightlife. At the end of the day we’re looking to improve the vibrancy of downtown Lafayette as a whole,” Jefferson Street Pub Owner Gus Rezende said.

Other owners feel the police presence has little to do with what is going on downtown.

“Increased police patrols do help as a deterrent, but people just have to make better choices. Gun violence does not solve anything. It’s a shame what’s going on across the country, more locally,”  Teche Drugs Owner Ryan Dartez said.

This is not the first time that bike patrol has been implemented downtown. It has been done multiple times in the past.

According to Corporal Ratcliff, there is no timetable for the hours or the schedules of these officers yet.

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