Heavy rain could bring influx of mosquitoes

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — First comes the rain, then comes the mosquitoes.

With all of the rain we’re seeing in Acadiana, officials say it could be just a matter of days before we see a mosquito invasion. 

Using bug spray is one way to protect yourself, but there are other things to consider.

Mosquito control experts say heavy rain flushes out bug breeding sites, producing thousands of mosquitoes in just one storm drain, and any of the water left behind can be an attraction for mosquitoes.

“It can produce mosquitoes in as little as 72 hours. So in 3 days, you could have mosquitoes. So get rid of any standing water that is in your yard, outside of your yard, that is near your home,” said Glenn Stokes, a medical entomologist, and owner of Mosquito Control Contractors.

He says there are five “D’s” to remember when protecting yourself from mosquitoes.

Number one is Drainage, make sure there is no standing water in your yard.

“Number two is Deet. If you do have mosquitoes make sure you use deet or repellant,” said Stokes.

The third and fourth, Dusk and Dawn. Make sure you don’t go out in the morning or night without bug spray.

And then the fifth “D” is Dress, so make sure to wear light-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark objects.

Mosquitoes could be hiding in plain sight, right in your backyard, including standing water in flower pot holders and abandoned tires.

“This (tires) is the number one enemy. The number one producer of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

It’s dark it’s protected from the wind. It’s moist because it holds water all the time, and so they go in and lay their eggs there. And then you have a little colony coming out of one single tire,” said Stokes.

Make sure you and your family take the proper precautions to avoid getting bit.

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