Carencro residents speak about Thursday’s flash flood

CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – The City of Carencro received over 4″ of rainfall during Thursday’s storms. Residents in the area say they’re still waiting for the water to dry out.

Terry Gotch and his dog Tiger have only been in this house that’s over 100 years old for less than a year.

This is the first time they’ve had water come inside their home.

“It was coming up really fast, from there to the back yard, it was outrageous,” said Gotch.

Gotch evacuated his home and went to a friend’s home when water came rushing in.

He returned to his house Friday morning to see the damage.

In another neighborhood in Carencro, home owners BJ and Jenais Broussard had sandbags up but water still came inside of their home. They had to remove all of their carpet.

“We put sandbags up”, Broussard said. “It was holding but the water got too high and started getting into our weep holes and it flooded the whole house.”

Broussard says water backs up easily in his area.

“The street doesn’t drain up there so everything that backs up comes down here, and our coolie is overgrown with trees so everything that ends up back there gets stopped up and then right here it’s just like a big pool,” says Broussard.

Residents say they’ll be okay not seeing rain for a couple of weeks.

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