DA releases chilling details of July 2016 Baton Rouge police shooting

BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – The East Baton Rouge district attorney held a press conference Friday morning to present his office’s findings in the officer shootings of three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers.

The shooting happened at the B-Quik convenience store on the morning of July 17th.

During hour-long presentation, those in attendance saw and heard some of the last moments of three fallen Baton Rouge law enforcement officers, Deputy Brad Garafola, Corporal Montrell Jackson and Officer Matthew Gerald, before being ambushed by Gavin Long.

The DA began with surveillance images of the officers inside the convenience store, and an aerial narration of the officer involved shooting on July 17, 2016.

In the aerial narration, the blue dots represented BRPD Officers Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald, the green dot Deputy Brad Garafola, and the yellow dot represented the suspect, Gavin Long.

After witnesses reported seeing a man with a rifle, officers began to investigate.

“Corporal Jackson and Officer Gerald had their backs to Airline Highway and were approaching the backside of the Hair Crown building. Although Officer Gerald glances over his shoulder multiple times, Long stays out of sight and takes cover on the front corner of the building and opens fire on the two Baton Rouge police officers”, said EBRDA Hillar Moore.

The markers turn black on the aerial narration indicating the officer has died after being shot by Long.

In a video, Long can be seen firing at responding officers, then running toward the back of the building. At that time Deputy Garafola radios in:

“Headquarters, 10-3 your traffic, 10-3 your traffic… shots fired, Officer down behind the building at hair crown. Unknown where the suspect is shooting from”, EBSO Deputy Brad Garafola said.

Seconds later, those gathered heard Officer Mathew Gerald’s last words.

“Shots fired”, said Officer Gerald with his last breath.

The aerial narration showed Deputy Garafola’s indicator move toward a wounded Officer Gerald.

Long approached the back of the building and engages in an intense gun battle with Deputy Garafola.

Long, a Marine Corps veteran and rifle marksman, moved strategically, avoiding 13 shots before killing Deputy Garafola.

After the gun battle with Deputy Garafola, Long can be seen firing two more into the already dead Officer Gerald.

Long then retreats in the direction of his vehicle.

When he arrives, Officer Nick Tullier was inspecting Long’s car and Long begins shooting at Officer Tullier from the wooded area at the top right-hand corner of your screen, hitting Tullier once in the stomach, shoulder, and head. Tullier is still fighting to recovery, present day.

The video shows the Special Response Team arriving and exchanging gunfire before Long is hit and falls to the ground.

The video stops as Long was shot and killed moments later after continuing to reach for his weapon.

One officer to dispatch: Unless we have information about a second shooter, we are Code 4 on Airline Highway. EMS can come in. We have eyes on the subject, we are not going to move in to engage at this time, he is down.”

DA Moore said, “Had you [officers] not caught him, with the AR he had in his vehicle, the different clips he had left behind, the boxes of ammo left behind, he was going to kill black or white, it didn’t matter, as long as they had a badge, the badge didn’t matter.”

The District Attorney’s final report says Long left behind a letter, in it Long talked about the destruction he felt had to inflict on both good and bad cops.

Hoping the good cops, who he called the majority, would stand together and enact punishment and justice on the bad cops.

DA Moore spoke with Long’s mother Thursday, he says she expressed grief for what happened in Baton Rouge almost one year ago.

A toxicology report also revealed a small amount of alcohol and Crystal Meth in Long’s blood.


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