Pet firework safety for July 4

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Every year during the Fourth of July holiday veterinarians at the Lafayette veterinarian care clinic sees a rise in injured and anxious pets due to pet owners not being educated on firework safety.

Caroline Young, a veterinarian at the clinic, said, “What we recommend is trying to distract them with toys or even a meal, something to kind of take their energy off of what’s going on. You may see that the pet is shaking, kinda like this little guy right here, shaking panting a lot, pacing something like that. Those will be signs that he’s nervous.”

If pet owners know that their furry friends have been afraid of lightning or fireworks in the past asking your veterinarian about prescription medication may help.

“Your veterinarian can prescribe a sedative or tranquilizer. Those do need to be given prior to the dog getting anxious are they do not work, so it’s something that we recommend talking to your vet about before these holidays come about so we can get something on board that would help before. It tends to get worse each time so we definitely want to help them in the time that it happens,” said Young.

Preparation is key for ensuring that all members of your family including your furry friends enjoy the Fourth of July holiday. Make sure your pets are safe and comfortable at home before you head out to any event.

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