4th of July at Lake Arthur and Cypremort Point

With temperatures feeling like it was 98 degrees at noon it’s no surprise people decided to celebrate the 4 of July by the water. 

In Jeff Davis Parish, families from around the state traveled to Lake Arthur Park to enjoy the beach front park, the boardwalk, and picnic areas. 


Trinity Moore of Crowley Louisiana said, “We needed somewhere to go for the Fourth of July and we decided to come to the beach because it was nothing else to do.”


Crystal LaFleur added, “Spending some quality time with the family enjoy the day with the kids. It’s a beautiful day outside today so I’m enjoying it with my babies and my family and friends.”


In St Mary Parish people enjoyed the water at Cypremort Point State Park. Boats launched into the vermilion bay and had great weather for fishing. 

Candace Mitchell and her grandfather Gene Schexnider were among those who went fishing. 


Schexnider said, “We ain’t caught but a couple of catfish, one little bitty read that we had to throw back.”


Candace Mitchell appreciated that she got to go fishing with her grandfather on this 4 of July. 

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