First all women’s firefighter team debuts at water fights in Erath’s 4th of July

ERATH, La. (KLFY) – Today marks the 81st edition of the July 4th water fights between local fire departments in Erath.

The Erath Fire Department was nice enough to let me join the water fight team for the day.

These firefighters absolutely bring it when it comes to these matches. They decked me out in the full firefighter attire and threw me into the fire so to say.

Also, this year marks a historic first.

An all women’s team of firefighters participated in today’s water fights.

According to their captain, it’s an important moment for all the ladies in the firefighting community.

“It lets the community know that women are also firefighters. We love the community and we love helping,” Captain Candy Robicheaux.

As for my performance on the team, well let’s just say they won’t be letting me join the fire department anytime soon.

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