Community gathers for second annual Mickey Shunick bike ride in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – About 100 people gathered at Rotary Point in Lafayette to ride in the second annual Mickey Shunick Memorial Bike Ride.

Shunick was a UL Lafayette student when she was abducted and killed in 2012, after leaving a friend’s house.

Those gathered rode their bikes along this 8-mile bike trail known as “Mickey’s Loop” that is dedicated to Shunick, who was known as an avid bike rider.

Shunick’s memorial on St. Landry Street where she was abducted pays tribute to her love of riding.

Scott Schilling with laTRAIL said, “This is not only in memory of Mickey Schunick but the bike lane that is dedicated to her and her memory. It gets people outdoor and active in a safer environment. So there’s a lot of good positive vibes that have come out of a tragic situation.”

Forward Lafayette organized the annual ride, and laTRAIL donated free bike rentals. These organizations are working towards making Lafayette a safer place for bike riders, likes Shunick was.

“We believe that bike trails and connectivity is very important in Lafayette. We live in a city where a lot of people commute by car but we have a growing number of people that try to get around on bikes and we want to make this a safe community for them to feel like they belong,” said Matthew Holland with laTRAIL.

Riders like Ross Cottrill hope that the ride brings attention to Mickey’s bike loop and to making Lafayette a safer place for all riders.

“There’s plenty of places to ride to in Lafayette, a lot of bars and restaurants are bike-friendly but it’s hard to get to one area to another. So if we can make the transition from parts of town more convenient and safer, I think more people a ride,” said Cottrill.

All organizers of the ride are grateful to all that came out to remember Mickey and to supporting biking in Lafayette.



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