Officials warn of heat exhaustion from Louisiana heat

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – There seems to be no way to escape this heat, especially for people to have to work outside in it.

“Plenty liquids, water, Gatorade. Drink it. That’s the best thing to do in this heat right now,” said Sidney Barber, a construction worker in Lafayette.

The work doesn’t stop in the summer and neither does the Louisiana heat.

“You got to put in work, got to pay bills right? Alright then that’s us then,” said Barber.

John Witt with Acadian Ambulance, says they see quite a few heat related illnesses in the summer.

“People are working outside, playing outside, and when you get exposed to the heat over a prolonged period of time, it can make you sick,” said Witt.

Some of the signs of heat exhaustion are cramping, sweating profusely, and headaches. The signs of heat stroke are much more serious.

“Heat stroke which really gets scary, is you get dizzy, some altered mental status, significant fatigue,” said Witt.

He says the best thing to do is take frequent breaks, get rest, stay hydrated and eat.

“Make sure that you’re eating well prior to (going outside). People think of hydration, a lot of times they don’t think about making sure they have food in their stomachs, not anything heavy obviously,” Witt said.

And if you get too hot, just take a seat.

“You get exhausted, you know man, go take a seat, just sit down. Don’t kill yourself on the job site,” said Barber.


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