Joli road in need of repaving

CARENCRO, La. (KLFY)- Joli road is covered in pot holes that are making things dangerous for drivers. Residents along Joli are fed up with the road just being patched, they are now demanding that the road be repaved.

For residents like Dawn Aucoin the road makes the simple task of leaving home an inconvenience. She’s lived down Joli for most of her life and decided to create signs to bring attention to the problem.

“We made the signs because we didn’t, we didn’t have anything being done about the problem. We didn’t know who to speak with so we decided to make the signs and it hit the Internet waves and we just got a lot of response off of the Internet,” said Aucoin.

According to Aucion the road has been in bad shape for the past two years. Lafayette consolidated government continues to patch the road, but local truck driver Danny Romero says it’s not enough.

Romero said, “To begin the road is small, which we understand but to have to drive on something like this, we carry anywhere from 40 to 50 something thousand pounds. So if you hit one of these bumps just right it can throw you into the line of traffic in which it can create a major incident that someone you could maybe take it a life of an innocent bystander.”

Romero and Aucion, as tax paying citizens, want answers to where their taxpaying dollars are going, because they say they don’t see money being put into the road.

“We pay road taxes. Especially my boss, with large vehicles we pay a lot of Road taxes. This patching, what they do right here is not worth the money,” said Romero

Aucoin said, “It’s just aggravating passing down the road every day. When we have to go to the grocery stores, wherever we go it’s just horrible. Driving in my truck is like driving in a chuckwagon.”

Jay Castille, LCG Councilmember for District 2 said that the parish does not have the money to fix the road. Federal funds from the Metropolitan planning organization have been secured to repave the road, but construction on won’t start until the beginning of 2018.

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