Opelousas Walmart evacuated Sunday evening

UPDATE:  According to Sgt. Crystal Leblanc with the Opelouas Police Department, a customer inside the Walmart store said the word “bomb” causing a panic among other customers.

Leblanc said management contacted police who then evacuated the store.

A search was done but nothing was found, and an all clear was given.

A person of interest was being interviewed by police, Leblanc said.

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY)  We have received numerous phone calls from customers who were inside the Opelousas Walmart on Creswell Lane who said the store has just been evacuated.

The callers told us that neither police nor the employees gave a specific reason for the evacuation, only telling customers that the evacuation was necessary for their safety.

KLFY reached out the the Opleousas Police Department, however the officer on duty was not allowed to give any information at this time.

This is a developing story that we are following and will have further details as they are released.



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