Girlfriend’s lawyer speaks on officer-involved shooting in Mamou

EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – It’s a story that’s gone viral nationwide.

“An Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s deputy shoots and kills father of three and Mamou resident DeJuan Guillory.”

State police and an attorney for Guillory’s girlfriend Dequince Brown have conflicting stories regarding the exact moment the deputy fatally shot Guillory.

Last Thursday morning, a deputy pulled Guillory and Brown over on a traffic stop on Retton Road in Mamou. The pair was riding on an ATV.
Police say the deputy asked for identification. Guillory and Brown didn’t have any.

Police said that’s when Guillory struck the deputy in the head, knocking him to the ground. According to the report, the deputy then got up and drew his firearm, asking guillory to lie on the ground on his stomach. Police said the deputy attempted to handcuff Guillory, but they said Brown came up from behind the deputy and began to choke and bite him. The report says a fight broke out between them and that’s when the deputy shot Guillory.

However, according to Brown’s lawyer Joseph Long, the deputy shot Guillory while he was still lying on his stomach.
Long recently spoke with PenPoint News regarding Brown’s recollection of the events and referred us to that interview.

“Guillory was on the ground as directed. His hands were behind his back. He was not resisting. All of a sudden a shot rang out. And Brown knew Guillory had been shot. She then jumped on the officers’ back to stop him from killing Guillory,” Long said.

Long says Brown only bit the officer and did not choke him.

“She held on to him briefly and bit his neck. That’s not murder, that’s not attempted murder and then she released her grip immediately,” Long said.

State Police say there was a camera equipped on the deputy’s vehicle.
They are looking into the video now as this case remains under investigation.

KLFY has spoken with the Guillory family. They declined an interview at this time, saying they are simply broken following the death of Guillory.

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