Henderson highway closed, but not stopping local business

HENDERSON, La. (KLFY)- Henderson Highway is closed due to construction which started July 5th.

The construction begins at the intersection of Grand Point, Henderson Highway, and LA 352.

Two new roundabouts will be added and drainage problems will be fixed and even though residents will have to take a detour to get to local business, owners say that they haven’t seen business slowed down yet.

Since the highway is closed, drivers must use the back levee roads to get to businesses in Henderson which could be up to a five-mile detour.

Sherbin Collette, Henderson mayor said, “It’s a little hardship now. The first couple of days it was pretty hectic, I got many many calls but now I think the people are pretty much getting used to it. I just want to tell the people you know you passed down on the back route now, don’t go fast.”

The speed limits on Henderson levee road start at 35 miles per hour and the sheriff’s department is actively patrolling this road.

For business off of Henderson Levee Road like Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, owners say they haven’t seen a drop in business since the road closed.

Harvey Huval, co-owner of Pat’s said, “It’s gonna be a week tomorrow and so far we haven’t had any effect. Business has been pretty good, can’t complain.”

Huval and Collette both say that the benefits of this construction outweigh the negative effects of the detours.

Huval said, “I think it’s going to be a wonderful or the area. Easy and easy out, it’s progress.”

“Once the whole project is going to be completed, it’s going to definitely be a lot better for the entire area and for the entire state. Because a lot of people from all over the country come visit Henderson. We are officially the gateway to the Atchafalaya Basin and it will be a lot nicer for them no doubt about that, and a lot safer,” said Collette.

For more on Detours in Henderson call Henderson town hall at (337) 288-7109.

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