Urgent call for blood donors in Acadiana and across the country

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – They say blood is thicker than water, but right now, blood supplies are looking quite think.

Blood supplies across the country and right here in Acadiana are at dangerously low levels. It’s because of a major decline in blood donations during the summer months.

“We’re asking for donors across the nation and of course here in Acadiana, because we’re filling the same void. This year going into the July 4th holiday and through that holiday, we’ve had an even bigger decline in donations. And with all the activity that goes around the July 4th holiday, there was a spike in usage,” said Mitzi Breaux with United Blood Services.

People like Raniqua Thomas has a special reason as to why she’s giving blood. Her dad has a kidney problem where he’s forced to be on dialysis, and she’s hoping to be a match.

“This is very serious for me because you know, I just want to see him healthy. So I’m doing everything in my will to donate a kidney to him,” said Thomas.

According to Breaux, giving blood can be a magical thing.

“I mean you are literally giving a piece of yourself to someone else, and it’s going to completely turn their lives around, within thirty minutes it takes to transfuse a bag of blood,” she said.

Officials do urge you to donate blood at least three times a year. They are also looking in particular for anyone with Type “O” Negative blood to donate. As that type of blood can be safely given to any patient, regardless of what their blood type is.

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