Lawn and Garden – Chinch Bugs

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about chinch bugs. First of all, what is a chinch bug and how do we find them, how do we know they’re in our yard.Well it’s a little insect, a little brown insect with white wings and it sucks the St. Augustine or centipede at the stem and then it start yellowing and dying and looking bad. So July and August are the two months that it’s mostly active and we have many products to help with it. Nothing to kill, at all, it’s just that you have to put the chemical out there to do it. What we have is granular products, we have the Telstar, we have this one right here works real good by killing below ground insects like grubs also. It does a double work job that one. And then we have the bug blaster, which is a granular and all of these will help with ants as well. Or people that prefer putting the liquid out, you can put it with a hose and sprayer—spray the lawn. Before you try to kill them if you can water the lawn first you can bring them to the top. So when you come with your chemical you get them right away. That’s the trick! Some people mix a little soap with the water, makes them come up quicker also but I wouldn’t do that sometimes you bringing up also your worms so use water, a little light water, it’ll bring them up and you’ll kill them.


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