More details released in officer involved shooting in Mamou

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – New developments in the deputy-involved fatal shooting, last week, in Mamou.

According to Louisiana State Police, Dejuan Guillory was shot and killed following a traffic stop last Thursday.

Police say Guillory and his girlfriend Dequince Brown were riding an ATV off Retton School Road and Chad Lane in Mamou and were pulled over by a deputy responding to a reported burglary of an ATV in the area.

The deputy involved in the shooting has been identified by legal officials in the case as Deputy Paul H. Lafleur.

The following is a timeline of events as told by State Police:

  • The Deputy made contact with the driver of the ATV (Dejuan Guillory, B/M, 27 yoa), and his passenger (Dequince Brown, B/F, 21 yoa).
  • The Deputy asked Guillory and Brown for legal identification, which neither possessed.
  • During this initial interaction, Guillory struck the Deputy in the head, knocking him to the ground, dazing him with a possible loss of consciousness.
  • The Deputy was able to rise to his feet, draw his firearm and gave verbal commands for Guillory to lie on the ground.
  • Guillory laid down on his stomach and the Deputy attempted to handcuff Guillory.
  • During handcuffing, a struggle ensued.
  • Brown approached the Deputy from behind and began to choke and bite him.
  • During the struggle with Guillory and Brown, the Deputy shot Guillory with his duty weapon.
  • The Deputy returned to his unit and called for assistance.

On Tuesday, Brown was released on bond.

Evangeline Parish District Attorney Trent Brignac was as forthcoming as he could be.  Brignac says a bond hearing was held Tuesday.

Brignac says with regards to the State Police investigation things have been going very well from the stand point of communication.

“We expressed our sincere sympathy for their loss and I have offered to answer any questions they may have,” Brignac said.

In response to questions about Guillory’s history with law enforcement, Brignac had no comment. “Out of respect for Dejuan Guillory’s family, the district attorney’s office at this time will respectfully not comment on any of his past actions,” Brignac said.

According to court documents, a civil trial was to be held Wednesday in a case Lafleur was associated with, hat trial has now been moved to September 13.


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