Drive thru grocery store coming to Scott

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – You may not need a shopping cart anymore. A new type of grocery store is set to come to Scott.

Farm Stores is a drive thru grocery store that will be establishing a location at 728 Westgate Road.

The process is similar to any drive thru you may have visited before. You simply pull up, request what items you need, and workers in the store will bring them to your car.

When asking around in Scott, it is evident that the demand is there.

“It would be very convenient for the elderly people. You know those who can’t get in and out of the grocery store,” says shopper Dienna Woods.

The new style of food buying may also be the solution to a problem some shoppers have when they physically enter a store.

“My problem is when I get in the grocery store, I buy too much. I will go in there and I’m only supposed to get two things right now but I guarantee you I’ll come out with five or 10,” says shopper Dina Deal.

There is not a set date for the opening of the new grocery shopping hub. Farm Stores started in Florida where they have multiple locations.

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