Jeanerette bars to start closing earlier

JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) – Bars and clubs in Jeanerette will be closing 30 minutes earlier and bar owners in are not too pleased with the decision.

The nightlife becomes quite popular in the early morning hours, mainly because the bars remain open later than the surrounding cities.

Courtney Lewis, co-owner of RAC’s Sports Bar in Jeanerette is not too happy about city leaders shutting the bars doors 30 minutes earlier.

“I could see if it was creating a problem. You’re trying to fix something that’s not even broken. That 30 minute makes a difference,” Lewis said/

Lewis thinks that extra revenue could benefit the entire town.

Alderman Clarence Clark says when nightclubs and bars in surrounding cities close their doors at 2 a.m. partygoers who aren’t quite ready to head home, bring the party to Jeanerette.

“In St. Mary Parish there was a time the club closed at 2 and by the time I made it from St. Mary Parish to Jeanerette, all the crowd from those clubs were here in Jeanerette,” Clark said.

Clark is also the volunteer fire chief in St. Mary Parish where one of his duties includes making sure businesses stay under or at capacity.

He says when after-hours crowds from surrounding cities come to Jeanerette to party, sometimes there are traffic issues and additional intoxicated people to deal with

“A lot of business owners are not happy with it. They’re saying it’s going to hurt businesses but, at the same time we have community members who want the change. So, we have to basically see what’s best for the city of Jeanerette and we feel, some of the council has basically determined that the 2 o’clock mark is best for Jeanerette,” Clark explained

Now that the board approves the ordinance, it must be advertised for 20 days before it goes into effect.

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