Southbound lane of Henderson Levee Road under emergency construction due to levee failure


HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) – If you usually drive on Levee Road in Henderson, you may want to take another route.

The road at the bottom of the levee is under major construction. The road has been patched many times before, but because of all the rain we’ve seen lately, the mayor decided it was time for an emergency fix.

“It’s starting to crack the pavement and it’s pretty dangerous, I mean if you would put a tire off of here it would flip,” said Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette.

Collette added: “And it would hold for a few days until the next rain, and then here it goes, it would slide again. “

Lately, it’s gotten worse.

I’ve noticed it yesterday and compared to today, it did slide a little more, the road cracked a little further, so it’s time some things done,” Collette explained.

One driver, Paul Vincent said it’s about time.

“It needs it, cause it’s breaking up, you know the sides are falling off of it, Vincent said.

It’s a little inconvenient; there’s only one way into Bueller Road.

Mayor Collette is asking the residents of Henderson to stay patient, as he isn’t sure how long it will take to repair this road.

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