4th annual “Adopt a Teacher” program sponsored by Daily Advertiser

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Daily Advertiser, a local newspaper in Lafayette is sponsoring their fourth annual Adopt a Teacher program.

Last year over 1000 teachers applied to the Adopt a Teacher program in the hopes that they would get their school supply wish list filled before the beginning of the new school year.

Kristin Askelon, news director at The Daily Advertiser said, “A few years ago we saw these conversations on Facebook where teachers were getting ready for school and they had to go out and buy their own supplies. We saw people who had supplies, like oh I’m cleaning out my office and I’ve got some extra paper, and a light bulb just went off and we thought why not try to put these people together.”

It’s as simple as teachers visiting the advertiser website and filling out a quick registration form then submitting their wish list. Teachers have until July 19 to get their wish list in. On the 24 of July, the list will be made available to the public so these teachers can get the necessary supplies to take on the school year.

“One of the really cool things about this is just watching how happy it makes teachers, but then how happy it makes the donors too. Because they feel like they are giving directly back to someone and making connections, and they can just really see where their money is going,” said Askelson.

This year the drop off process is a little different, instead of donors dropping off supplies to the advertiser they are now asked to coordinate with the teachers in order to get supplies in the class room as quickly as possible.

School starts August 9. For more information on how you can help local teachers visit the advertiser website.

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