Club owners build smoking patios ahead of smoking ban

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Smoking laws in Lafayette are about to change. Beginning in a little over two weeks, folks will not be allowed to smoke inside bars, clubs and other public spaces in the city of Lafayette and in the unincorporated parts of Lafayette Parish.

According to this new ordinance, smokers will be allowed to smoke five feet away from doors and on patios.

On Simcoe Street, local clubs are building patios to keep business coming in and to give smokers a comfortable space.

“It’s just the law now and we just feel like we want to make sure the people who smoke don’t feel like they’re being forgotten,” said Phil Lindon, owner of Miami Moon nightclub.

“The club owners that don’t have the patios, it might a problem on their business cutting back on the customers,” Jonathan Dugas said, owner of Club Real.

Lindon said he has supported the smoke-free ordinance since the beginning, working with city-parish lawmakers.

“I’ve been inhaling secondhand smoke for 30 years. And I just hope from here on, most people realize it’s health reasons and that’s the reason it was passed,” Lindon said.

Lindon recently built a patio right outside the club’s front doors with furniture, fans, and speakers for music.

Just across the street from Miami Moon on Simcoe street, Dugas is building his new club, Club Real.

Dugas said he already had plans for an outdoor patio before the smoking ordinance passed.

“I’m going to have pool tables on the outside, I’m going to have a fireplace. An outside bar, a wet bar on the outside. It’s going to be real nice,” Dugas said.

While some bar and club owners were worried about what the smoking ban would do for business, Lindon said it’s just about accommodating everyone.

“I think as a whole everyone will enjoy. The atmosphere will be a lot pleasant. Smoke-free is the way to go,” Lindon said.

The smoke-free ordinance goes into effect August 1st.

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