LUS Director issues statement on tree trimming

Lafayette Utilities Services has issued a statement on tree trimming.

The following is a statement from LUS Director Terry Huval:

“LUS has reviewed its tree trimming policies with regard to live oak trees, especially in light of recent discussions with the public.

In order to continually provide reliable service to all residential and commercial customers, LUS must perform periodic tree trimming.

In the case of live oak trees, especially legacy live oaks, LUS will continue to evaluate each instance of trimming strategies with the property owner of the respective tree.

In addition, LUS will explore, on a case-by-case basis, reducing the live oak tree trimming cycle interval to 2 years, instead of the standard 4 years.

Similarly, LUS is receptive to consider the opinion of a certified arborist, in addition to the certified utility arborists already employed by LUS and its contractors.

LUS will monitor the progress of this new approach and re-evaluate as needed.”

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