Lafayette Police and complainant respond to video of man slammed to ground during arrest

A complaint is being filed against a Lafayette police officer after an incident Saturday night.

Saturday was one of the happiest days in Jasper Robinson’s life.

It was the day he watched his mother walk down the aisle and get married.

But the night quickly took an unexpected turn for the worst after a fight broke out around the corner from the ceremony, which ended in Jasper being taken down with a Suplex style wrestling move, and arrested by Lafayette Police.

Jasper Robinson and his wife Andrea were at his mother’s house, only a couple hundred feet away from a fight Lafayette Police officers were responding to.

“I’m lost for words. It hurt me to see him get treated like a was just an animal. He’s not an animal!” Andrea Williams told News 10.

“They arrived on the scene, there were multiple vehicles parked in the roadway, blocking the roadway. Dozens upon dozens of people actually in the roadway several of them fighting; I’m told 30 to 40 people actually engaged in a fight in the middle of the street,” Lafayette Police Department spokesperson Cpl. Karl Ratcliff said.

In home surveillance video, you can see Robinson leaving the home and heading over to see what all the fuss was about, before exchanging words with the officer.

The following is audio heard between Robinson and the officer:

Officer: “Really? You’re blocking traffic! Would like to try and tell me what the law is?”

Robinson: “Man I ain’t bothering you, handle your f****** business man.”

Officer: “I’m about to handle my business if you don’t quit talking. Just stay out of the street.”

Robinson: “Quit talking for what? You ain’t f****** with me baw.”


“At that point, it seems that individual begins to violently resist. He pulled away from the officer and at one. Actually, try to strike the officer and grab him as he attempted to put those cops on him so, that’s when he made the decision to take him to the ground,” Ratcliff told News 10.

Robinson was told to get out of the street several times, according to the police department.

“He asked me to get out the street, I’m out the street” Robinson said.

Police used the words “verbally combative” when describing Robinson’s tone and choice of words.

“You’re an officer. You’re supposed to be able to take that, just ignore that. You are an officer of the law you’re supposed to protect and serve,” Robinson said.

The officer’s response to Robinson raised questions about police diversity training. Cpl. Ratcliff says that wasn’t the issue, and anyone acting as Robinson was would have been treated the same.

“If someone behaves in that manner when we are attempting to come in and do our job and restore peace, and they are counterproductive to us reaching that goal then we have to address that,” Ratcliff said.

The police department spokesperson says LPD is still in the process of trying to figure out what happened Saturday night.

Robinson’s family says they’re in the process of filing a formal complaint against the officer.


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