Attorney weighs in on viral video of violent LPD arrest

Update: After our story aired, News 10 has learned that attorney Harry Daniels has been retained by the family of Jasper Robinson.

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – By now, hundreds of thousands of people have seen the video of a Lafayette police officer slamming a man to the ground to make an arrest.

The Lafayette Police Department says the man violently resisted and even made an attempt to strike the officer. So, we got a pair of fresh eyes to take a look at the video and to give us his take from a legal perspective.

Attorney Harry Daniels III sat down with News Ten to watch the cell phone video that captured the arrest of Jasper Robinson Saturday night.

“The other angle that we saw as well from someone’s surveillance clearly shows the traffic isn’t even moving down that street because there’s cars stopped impeding traffic so he’s not blocking traffic, so I don’t see anything he’s done wrong other than not using good common sense to say well I’m not going to fuss with this police officer because I’m not going to win that argument” Daniels said.

While Daniels believes Robinson’s choice of words weren’t flattering, he didn’t break any laws, and the officer was the aggressor.

Daniels says, “He may have had a big mouth and may have mouthed-off to the cops, I don’t see anywhere in this video unless the officers have another video, I don’t see where this young man resisted because immediately when the officer grabbed him he put him in a headlock!” Which the Robinson family isn’t too pleased about and they’re now in the process of filing a complaint.

But Lafayette Police are standing by their guy saying the officer’s actions were justified

Lafayette Police Department Cpl. Karl RatcliffIf said “If you watch the video, the suspect was resisting. He was pulling away violently and actually swung at the office or at one point. So, absolutely at that point being delicate and nice about it doesn’t work. When someone’s actually fighting with you, we do teach officers to bring the subject to the ground so you can put the cuffs on.

Part of the complaint filing process requires the person complaining to draft a letter and mail it to the Chief of Police. We spoke with the Robinson family and they say that letter is in the mail as of Tuesday.

Corporal Ratcliff says he is unaware of any status changes of the officer involved in the video.

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