Mother of Ashley Metz still looking for answers 1 year after her daughter’s murder

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A little over a year ago, Ashley Metz, an up-and-coming model, and her boyfriend, Brouklynn Hill were murdered.

Their bodies were found in separate burned vehicles in Scott and Carencro. Both Metz and Hill had been shot and later set on fire in their cars.

All Ashley’s mother, Carla Dean, wants to know is ‘why?’ Why would someone do this to her daughter?

“My life has been a living hell,” Carla Dean told KLFY.

Metz was a promising model who was killed on June 21, 2016.

Deputies have arrested two suspects, Joshua Willis and Joseph Sylvester.

Both of them have been charged with first-degree murder.

And all Dean wants is answers.

“Still don’t know why, which is the answers I’m looking for. Why?”

Dean describes her daughter as a vibrant person, someone who was the life of the party, with a smile that radiated, even through her braces. And she was a model whose career was about to take off.

And she was a model whose career was about to take off.

“She was determined to be number one. She wanted to hit the runway,” said Dean.

She says her hardest moments are on her way to work to Morgan City in the mornings. She wonders if she could have done anything to help her daughter that day, but feels an emptiness that will never be replaced.

“From that point on everything just left me, if that makes sense. How can you feel something that’s not there?” she said.

Dean’s husband and her 28-year old daughter keep her going. She also credits Jasper, who was Ashley’s dog that she takes care of now, as well as people who keep Ashley’s memory alive.

“Every week, as I’ve said before, I meet someone that tells me, ‘I knew Ashley, she was beautiful, you know, you did a great job with her.’ That inspires and encourages me because I know that I did do a great job as a mom,” Dean said.

The only way she will ever have peace is if Ashley would walk through the front door, looking for her favorite meal: pork, steak, and beans with rice and gravy.

“And there are sometimes that I think and hope that she will. Actuality has set in that she’s not coming back, but you just still have that hope and that wonder,” said Dean.

Since the murder Dean hasn’t got many answers. She says her attorneys have been in constant contact with her and are gathering evidence.

She tells KLFY that the trial for the two suspects could begin either at the end of this year or in early 2018.

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