Pastor Lloyd Joiner Jr. celebrates 38th anniversary at Progressive Baptist Church

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Sunday was a special day for Pastor Lloyd Joiner Jr.

Sunday marked Joiner’s 38th year anniversary as Pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Lafayette.

Joiner held his first service at the church in 1979 and now 38 year later, has grown the ministry to over 5,000 members.

Over the weekend, the church hosted a series of events to mark the celebration including a Black Tie Affair on Friday, and an all star Pastoral Musical Celebration on Saturday.

Music Minister Melete Terry says Sunday’s service is a mark of love for Pastor Joiner for his work inside the church and throughout the community.

Melete Terry, Minister of Music, Progresive Baptist Church

”It is important because he is the shepard of the house and of course every year that youre able to celebrate being the shepard of the house, its one more year as a testament to what God is doing at the church. Many pastors dont make it past 5, they dont make it past 10 years but our pastor has made 38 years of service which is something glorious.”


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