Remembering D.L. Menard

The “Cajun Hank Williams” better known as D.L. Menard died at the age of 85.

No matter where you at there you are, if I can’t leave I can’t come back, and what’s down can’t fall— are just some of the quick one liners D.L. Menard left with his sons.

Lots of laughs were shared as stories were told about D.L. Menard’s life.

“There was one story, I guess it’s cool to say it now, but he and Ricky Skaggs climbed on the pyramids in Egypt and they were not supposed to do that. And the stole each a piece of rock from the pyramid and he brought it home. So I guess it’s good to say it now but he stole that piece of rock,” said Vick Menard.

The four Menard brothers shared countless stories of their father’s life including his love for people and his tremendous southern hospitality.

“We always had people from all over the nation just popping in to visit with us and they would just open up their living room to anybody and everybody coming in. And so growing up we always had, you never knew when all of a sudden a jam session would break out,” said Todd Menard.

“His personality and who he was was so genuine that a lot of these famous people like they mentioned Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, and all those people, they loved him because of his genuineness,” said Larry Menard.

Menard’s last public performance was July 2nd in his hometown of Erath.

“Hit his last year of his life, you know his relationships with his kids just got better and better and better. His sense of humor seemed like it got crazier and crazier. His last year was good,” said Vick Menard.

Throughout his music career, Menard found huge success. His most popular song “the back door” landed on the Rolling Stones 100 greatest country songs of all time list in 2014.

But it’s the way he made people feel that solidified his legacy.

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