Southside High School gearing up for the school year

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Southside high school is getting ready for students to step onto the new campus come August 9.

The contractor is turning the keys to the building over to school administrators on August 1. That’s when teachers will be able to unload equipment for their classes, like textbooks, desks and more.

The construction of the school has cost roughly $78 million. Phase two of the construction project which includes an air-conditioned gym, will run through the first semester of the school year, ending by November or December.

The principal of Southside High school tells us that regardless of the construction, they’ll be ready.

“We’re preparing to transition into the school. August 1, right now is the plan for us to move in,” said Principal Catherine Cassidy.

She says administrators are ready to get the school year started after getting their materials set up at Youngsville Middle School.

“We’re anxious, we’re excited, we’re ready to plant our feet in our own home. We’re ready to make Southside truly our home,” said Cassidy.

Joe Craig with the Lafayette Parish School System says that the school, is a high school of the future.

“It’s state of the art, it’s aesthetically pleasing. We’ve got maker spaces so the kids can think outside the box, and get kids out of the traditional classroom, get them working in cooperative groups. The shops are going to be 21st century up-to-date. It’s built with air conditioned gyms. It’s just the first step in the 21st century building, that this parish has seen in a long time,” said Craig.

650 students are already enrolled, that’s 50 more than originally expected. Which is a lot of future Southside Sharks.

“We’re pretty unique in that there aren’t any other Sharks (school’s mascot). And so yeah, the committee chose, so every week is shark week,” said Cassidy.


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