Local musician remembers D.L. Menard

Today a local Cajun music legend was laid to rest.

D.L. Menard’s service was held today at family life church in Lafayette.

D.L. Menard set the standard for Cajun music with his hit “the back door”. We sat down with local musician Drew Simon who met Menard 10 years ago and played with him in 2013 as he explains how Menard inspired him.

“You know I’ve heard about him, of course, because he’s a Cajun legend and I just wanted to meet him, so I told him who I was and he just was such a nice guy. Bigger than life kind a guy, big voice his voice carried a lot,” said Simon

For Simon, Meeting Menard was special but then in 2013, the pair played together for the American folk festival in Maine.

Simon said, “It was really cool, to you know just to be around him and hear stories about him because he’s one of the main reasons why I, the band I’m in we get to travel so much.”

Menard paved the way for Cajun music traveling to 42 states and 38 countries.

“I’d seen him play on stage a bunch of times before I actually played with him, but he had a great stage presence about him he could relate with the crowd and that’s another reason, a Nother way he influenced me. Overall nice guy and a great musician,” said Simon.

Menard last performance was on July 2nd in his home town for Erath.

“D.L. was definitely one of the Cajun icons. No one will ever replace D.L.,” said Simon.

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