Lafayette Parish School System Bus Route Information

The following is a press release from the Lafayette Parish School Board, Transportation Dept.

Photo Credit: MGN

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) In one week 30,000 students will begin the 2017-2018 school year ready to learn and master the skills necessary to be college and career ready.

Lafayette Parish School System is proud to continue to support our students’ and parents’ educational journey by offering transportation for all students.  Beginning this Fall, the Lafayette Parish School Board, through careful consideration and
collaboration with the Transportation Department, has implemented a new transportation routing system, designed to ensure successful and efficient delivery of service to nearly 19,000 students requesting transportation.

The new routing system adheres to the LPSS “School Bus Scheduling and Routing Policy,” which states that bus transportation will be provided for all students living more than one mile from their home zone school.

The Lafayette Parish School Board has approved the following stop walk distances for in-zone transportation:

Elementary school students within .2 miles of home;
Middle school students within .4 miles of home; and
High school students within .6 miles of home.

The Lafayette Parish School System also offers satellite stops as an alternative for students who choose to attend a program at a school outside of their home zone. To ensure the most efficient routing system, the Transportation Department has identified over 115 satellite stops for 37 buses to service those students.

Students attending a Schools of Choice Academy or enrolled in a gifted program outside their attendance zone site will be able to access transportation through these stops.

The Lafayette Parish School System will continue to observe transportation requirements for students who require additional related services.

The district will be deploying bus stop monitors at various satellite stop locations to coordinate pick up and drop off for students. The district is committed to the safety and security of all our students.

The Transportation Department has been authorized to create additional satellite stops as needed, to ensure student safety and efficient transportation operations.

Additionally, the Transportation Department was also successful in implementing a more efficient routing system for the non-LPSS schools the district services. Students attending many private and parochial schools across the parish will be supported through approximately 25 satellite stops.

The district now offers a user-friendly application called e-Link for parents to access any information related to their student’s transportation services, including stops, drivers, bus numbers, and pick-up/drop-off times.

Route information can be accessed by visiting

Once there, click on the e-Link address called Bus Stops. E-Link uses two methods for information delivery – Simple Search for quick in-zone data and Advanced Search for complex out of zone data.

Step by step instructions will be listed for both options. Bus route information has also been uploaded into Parent Portal, showing bus number, pick-up/drop-off times, and stop locations.

Parents with questions regarding their student’s specific transportation services should contact their respective school. For issues accessing e-Link, parents should contact the Transportation
Department at 337-521-RIDE (7433).

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