Street side recycle pick up to end in Iberia Parish on August 4th

Paper, plastics, glass, and cans are the recyclable items in Iberia Parish now only being accepted at recycling bins. Soon residents will have to drop off their own recycle because street side pickup is being canceled.

According to Iberia Parish President Larry Richard currently, less than 10% of the people in Iberia Parish were utilizing the recycling service that cost the parish over $30,000 a year. Budgeting is the main reason the parish is canceling pick up.

There are now five drop off locations residents can use if they want to continue to recycle.

“Those locations are designed for people to be able to go and recycle 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Richard.

Even though residents might feel inconvenienced by this change some like the new system.

“For me, this is better because I can bring my recycling anytime I want. A lot of the times the recycle bins would get full and we do a lot of recycling,” said Mark Mader an Iberia Parish resident.

The city of New Iberia will continue its recycling program within city limits.

Below is a list of the five recycling drop off locations in Iberia Parish.

  1. Sugarena – 713 Northwest Bypass, New Iberia
  2. Rynella – 704 Rynella Road, New Iberia
  3. Ward 8 Recreation Center – 803 Hubertville Road, Jeanerette
  4. Sewer District – 103 Boutte Road, Loreauville
  5. Delcambre Boat Landing – 702 Wilfred Landry Street, Delcambre

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